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Mobile Home Community in Sealy, TX


Luxurious Manufactured Home Community in Sealy, TX

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Find the perfect place to call home in Briarwood Estates, our beautiful Manufactured Home Community located in a country-like setting in Sealy, TX. Built in 2001, this family-owned and operated community is located just minutes away from all amenities, including the top school district in Sealy. We are considered one of the best and safest communities in the state, providing an excellent place for you to raise a family.

The community is located west of Houston and Katy and is built on a beautifully landscaped property that features lush trees, shrubs and gardens. Our community also features a pool, playground, basketball courts and a private party clubhouse for your whole family to enjoy. We have a number of custom homes available for sale, or you can choose to place your existing mobile home or RV on one of our lots.


A community can be loosely defined as a group of people who live in a shared space, but the community you will find at Briarwood Estates is much more than that on many levels. When you find a mobile home to buy here, you will immediately realize that this is a place where you can genuinely feel like a welcomed and valued member of the community. Our community can be seen as like-minded people that share a communal space and see each other as friends and neighbors, not just because of the proximity to each other, but also because of the warm feelings we all share for our fellow Briarwood Estates residents.

Once you move into your new mobile home in our community, it won’t take you long to get to know the lay of the land, make friends with your neighbors and feel at one with those who also call this place home. We welcome everyone here and treat everyone with respect, courtesy and friendliness.  Briarwood Estates Community awaits you with open arms and warm, welcoming smiles!


A custom experience means it was made for you. Everyone is different, and when you’re looking for somewhere to live, a personalized space is what you need. Our custom homes are the epitome of catered living. We offer houses that are made with you in mind and allow you to enhance and upgrade to suit your needs. No matter what your requirements, we’re here to help you find the perfect place to live. Don’t settle for less; talk to the team at Briarwood Estates about what you’d like to see in your custom home.

Our exceptional service and welcoming community will provide you with your dream home. Our amenities are extensive and when you enjoy our custom home experience, you’ll never want to live anywhere else. Give yourself the benefit of luxurious grounds and a well-maintained community that offers everything you could want or need nearby. Get to know your neighbors and surround yourself with friends who enjoy the same activities. There’s no shortage of things to do and places to visit with Katy and Houston both nearby. Call our office today to start your journey to Briarwood Estates living and the custom home you’ve always wanted. You won’t regret making a move to Sealy, TX!

On-site Management

At Briarwood Estates, we provide everything you need to make your life comfortable and peaceful. We offer on-site management staff to answer any questions you have about the community, as well as to provide assistance with any issues you may have or any recommendations that you may need for assistance with home maintenance, landscaping or other matters that may arise. We are here to assist you in any way we can to help make your living in our community a great experience!


For more information about our Community, purchasing a home, renting a lot, or parking your RV in our Community, please complete and submit this email contact form.

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